Proudly presenting:Laesh x Station 23

We were approached by the amazing people behind Station 23, a new restaurant that was being built in Jakobstads old fire station. A massively ambitious and exciting project that they wanted Laesh to be a part of in a very visible way.

After meeting up with Björn, Anna and the rest of the crew over at Station we had a pretty clear picture of what was being asked of us and we went to work. We began with some internal brain storming sessions and started conceptualising what would become a unique Laesh x Station 23 graphic. After many many hours and several concepts we finally decided on the Laesh Lion concept.

Laesh Lion is a mash-up up of several different elements and full of symbolism:

  • We have used the fire station as a starting point while incorporating a beefed up street version of the lion from the Jakobstad coat of arms, protecting the fire station like a Godzilla-figure equipped with a skateboard, fire helmet and fire axe like the last remaining servant of the fire station.
  • The two birds on either side of the lion are from an old school Laesh graphic and actually represent the region of Ostrobothnias regional bird, the Common swift.
  • The skateboard that lion holds obviously represent skateboarding and “the street scene” which is strongly engrained in the Laesh DNA since the starting days in 2011. You can read more about how Laesh came to be here.
  • The tattoo on the lions shoulder is a modern version of the iconic “faith, hope and love” symbol that has long traditions here in Jakobstad.
  • Also, the shoulder tattoo with an anchor, heart or cross also represent Jakobstad as a historical ship building city and the sailors.
  • The rising sun above the lion is part of another of our iconic graphics Laesh Ice.
  • The shield framing the graphic is a shield usually used by fire stations as their shield.
  • And last but not least the two logos of Laesh and Station 23 underneath the lion and the shield marking the partnership between Laesh and Station 23.

This color version is called the original version but we also made two other versions; a black/white version and a retro 90s version.

Station 23 really loved the concept and decided to have it represented on all the staffs work clothes and as a massive cloth center piece behind the stage.

To see the Laesh lion live in the flesh while enjoy amazing food and drinks please visit Station 23.

Station 23
Christinegatan 2
68600 Jakobstad

Please refer to their website, facebook or instagram for more information about opening hours, menus and other.

Laesh x partnerships

There have been a few partnerships over the years and we love the magic that happens when we can work together with others.

We must warn you that we are are quite “picky” with our partnerships but if the general concept and our role in the concept fits what we stand for and how we like to operate and do business then please don’t hesitate to contact us at